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- 自然を快適に 贅沢に -


標高1000mの大自然に囲まれる芦川町。そんな町にLOOF GLAMPINGはあります。自然に囲まれ、そして感じながら贅沢なキャンプを体感していただきます。


Ashigawa villege surrounded by nature with an altitude of 1000 meters. There is LOOF GLAMPING in such a town. You will be surrounded by nature and feel the luxurious camp while feeling it.



​快適な室内 + 開放的なデッキ




In the large garden of 1000 square meters, to Grand Ping of five pairs limitation, First of all, one main buildings limited front opening! The river runs right behind, the mountains in front of you, the mountains ... In the garden a lot of nature spreads wide garden now for 1 group limited only.


​"和"BBQ or BBQ


The greatest of all luxuries is to delight in good food. What’s more, the flavor and pleasure you find in cooking ingredients which suit the place and moment change depending on where you eat, and on your meal companions.



○炊飯器 ○冷蔵庫 ○電子レンジ ○給湯器 ○まな板 ○包丁 ○お皿 ○コップ ○箸 ○料理鍋全般
○IH○コーヒー豆(豆・粉)○コーヒーミル ○コーヒーポット ○ケトル ○コーヒーミルク、砂糖 ○紅茶 ○緑茶 
ワインオープナー ○アルミホイル ○ラップ ○おしぼり ○ワイングラス 
○調味料各種 (塩,醤油,胡椒,砂糖,油)※基本料理設備は整っておりますので、自炊される方は食材を持参でお願い致します。



▸Rice cooker ▸Refrigerator ▸Microwave oven ▸Hot water heater 
▸Cutting board ▸Kitchen knives ▸Plates ▸Cups ▸Chopsticks and silverware ▸Pots and pans
▸IH ▸Coffee beans (whole and ground) ▸Coffee mill ▸Coffee pot ▸Teakettle ▸Coffee creamer and sugar ▸Black tea ▸Green tea ▸Aluminum foil ▸Food wrap ▸Hand towels ▸Wine glasses 
▸Cooking utensil set▸Seasonings and flavorings (salt, soy sauce, pepper, sugar, 
 cooking oil,)
Note: Because basic cooking facilities are provided, self-catering guests are asked to bring their own ingredients.


バスタオル フェイスタオル ○ドライヤー ○歯ブラシ・歯磨き粉 ○くし・ブラシ
○シャンプー○リンス○ボディーソープ ○コットン 綿棒
○バス・トイレ別 ○独立シャワー


Bath items

▸Bath towels ▸Face towels ▸Hair dryer ▸Toothbrushes and toothpaste ▸Combs and brushes
▸Shampoo, rinse, and body soap ▸Cotton ▸Cotton swabs
▸Separate bath and restroom ▸Separate shower



○アラジンストーブ   ○囲炉裏 ◯エアコン 


Space heating

▸Kerosene space heater
▸Sunken hearth

▸Air conditioner 


○プロジェクター ○無料wi-fi ○Apple TV

Other items

▸Computer projector ▸Free wi-fi ▸Apple TV

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Yamanashi Prefecture, Fuefuki City, Ashikawa Town, Oushuku  620-1

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TEL: 055-288-9016

E-MAIL: infoashigawa@gmail.com

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